Is Thermage Good for Acne?

My dermatologist recommended that I do Thermage to treat my active acne, but I am skeptical because everything I've read about Thermage is more for toning the skin. Should I do Thermage or is there a better treatment I could do, like lasers? Thank you.

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After Traditional Treatment

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There are those who pretty much claim that Thermage can cure nearly every cosmetic concern out there, including acne.

Supposedly it does so, by somehow heating the water content of the sebaceous gland and causing their inactivation. The effect is supposed to last 6-18 months.

Call me a skeptic on this one, but it sounds like one of two things. Either your dermatologist has exhausted all the other excellent therapeutic options for acne ( antibiotics, topicals, hormonal treatments, light therapy, Accutane) and is using Thermage as a last resort, or he has found a new way to pay for his machine.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Thermage is NOT indicated to treat active acne

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Thermage ic NOT indicated to treat active acne, period. It, however can improve acne in some case cases. If you have not seen improvement with the conventional treatment options and are afraid or unable to take Accutane, you might consider Isolaz.

Farouk Iqbal, MD
Muscat Dermatologic Surgeon

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