Best TCA Peel Strength to Start with on the Body?

What is the best TCA Peel strength to start with for the shoulders, back, and chest? I have many pimple scars on these areas and would like to know what percent of TCA Peel is good and safe.

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TCA Peel strength depends on skin color and history of abnormal scarring

If you are very fair and not tan at all, then TCA peels are a good way to treat localized discoloration from old acne. In general, you can not be so aggressive with TCA on the chest and back that it would treat deep acne scars. TCA on the face can be used at higher strengths (even 50% in some people), but if this was done on the chest it could cause scarring.

Acne scars on the body are a very difficult problem which would have to be treated with multiple peels. But in general, for a fair-skinned, non-tanned person who has no history of keloids, I would start with a 10% or 15% TCA peel (probably in combination with a Jessner's peel).

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