Stem Cell Theraphy for Acne Scars?

Will stem cell therapy be promising for future acne scarring treatments?

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Acne scar treatment

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I am not aware of any stem cell therapy for acne scars and while this may be a treatment in the future, I think it is a future that is a long way off. Currently, fat transplantation is the closest thing we have to stem cell transplant. Fat transplant is a great procedure to treat volume loss in the face or off the face. Fat transfer would only be considered to treat acne scars that are in an area of large volume loss or depressed, sunken skin. Sculptra, poly-L-lactic acid, injections are great for acne scars as this product stimulates your own skin to produce a new collagen network that can lift and improve acne scars.

Charlotte Dermatologist

Stem cell therapy for acne scars

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 If there were a stem cell therapy developed for acne scarring, it would not be in the near future.  I have personally never heard of this mentioned when stem cell uses are discussed.

Stem cells and acne scars

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The term "stem cell" is a great buzzword for today, but I think it will be al ong timein the future before it can be used for something lcinically.  Fat cell injections which I suppose have stem cells may be helpful.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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