How Was Your Smart Lipo Experience in Redlands, CA?

Has anyone had Smart Lipo done in Redlands, CA? What was your experience like? Recovery, pricing, results and the like?

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Laser lipolysis has to prove its own merit

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As you can see from the two other surgeons comments, laser lipolysis is not a considered an accepted and  respected technique. Many people have tremendous reservations about this technology and are expecting it to fail.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 86 reviews

Flawed Lipo

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Why are you searching for a doctor that does the so-called "smart-lipo" technique? There is no advantage to this at all. In fact, at a recent plastic surgery meeting, it was concluded that the only advantage of smartlipo is marketing for the surgeon that buys it. Is that what you want?

You don't want SmartLipo. You want great lipo; brilliant lipo; beautiful lipo. And the way you achieve that is not through an intelligently marketed product, but through a surgeon that is great at doing liposuction. Find yourself the best surgeon that you can. Go to and look for surgeons in your area. Examine their credentials. Look at their photographs. Go in for a consultation. And then choose the surgeon who you feel has the best ability to get you what you want.

It is the surgeon that matters most. Not the technology. Even so, this is a technology whose advantage has never been shown.

Steven Teitelbaum, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Not so smart lipo

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There has never been shown any significant difference between laser lipo and traditional lipo. The key to a greast result is to find a great surgeon and to have great skin that will shrink after the lipo is done. A poor sculptor will do a poor job regardless of his technology and a patient with a marginal starting point will have a poor result regardless of the technology.

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