Best Advice for Quick or Smooth Recovery After Smart Lipo?

I am getting Smart Lipo on my upper abs, lower abs, and flanks on Friday, and have found great advice on this site. However, it is scattered throughout the threads and hard to relocate. I was wondering if people could post what they did following their Smart Lipo procedure that really helped with recovery.

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Recovery after smart lipo

As a plastic surgeon I do smart lipo and have had it done on my neck. There are some factors that as a patient you do have control over and some that you don't. You should keep compression and cold on the treated areas for 24-48 hrs. Thereafter the compression should be used as advised by you Dr. I also use expernal ultracound on patients after liposuctioning and that helps smooth things out. Massaging will also help. I have my patients engage in normal activities as they feel comfortable doing them.

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