Waiting Period for Smart Lipo Redo the Procedure?

How long is it advisable to wait after a small area of Smart Lipo (with suctioning) on the outer thighs (300 cc altogether taken) to redo the procedure, when the result is not satisfying (not enough fat taken and result is not really visible, legs look the same as before). Is it better to stick to Smart Lipo, or can I switch to "normal" tumescent liposuction? Does the scar tissue (which likely will be there) cause any difficulties for the surgeon? Thanks for you help.

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Waiting time for Liposuction revisions

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You really would want to wait at least 6 months after your smart lipo procedures. Your body is still healing and remember the laser is stimulating collagen which could take up to a full 6 months for your end results.

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You should wait 6 months from the original procedure to redo the outer thighs

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Scar tissue poses no difficulty for an experienced lipo surgeon. Not taking enough fat has nothing to do with the technology that was used. If you change anything, change to a different surgeon. It's got everything to do with the surgeon's ability to identify and extract the excess fat.


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 Liposuction re-dos should be performed at least 6 months or longer after the first procedure.  Give it time to heal and wait for the swelling to come down.

It should be obvious within about 3 months or so

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While I encourage waiting 6 months to see final results, it is possible to get an 'idea' of whether one is necessary at 3 months. That doesn't mean that you should, but it seems possible that with only 300 cc's that you simply didn't have enough taken.

The question is not SmartLipo vs tumescent, but who is doing it. It all comes down to skill here and if your surgeon isn't skillful enough or with good judgment, you can end up having poor results whichever method is used. The problem is that with scarring from this it is going to be even tougher. Sorry to give you that bad news, but it is going to be less likely to succeed now. Good luck.

How log to wait for liposuctiong revision

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You should wait a minimum of 6 months for revisional liposuctiong. About 80% of the healing will have occurred by then and you and the surgeon will be able to see what needs to be done. Repeat smartlipo or regular l;ipo should not matter since you end up doing regular lipo at the end of the smartlipo treatment anyway. The FDA approved smartlipo(and all lipo devices) based on the suctiong of fat after the laser treatment.

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