Fraxel Laser Safe for SLE Patients?

I have lupus (SLE) but the only symptom I have is that I develop a skin rash in the sun without protection. I've had Fractional Laser done and nothing bad happened; but there wasn't any noticeable difference either. Could I try the Fraxel laser or do you think it would be a bad idea? Please remember that I'm not a typical SLE person and only have one symptom. Thank you.

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Fraxel Laser Safe in Lupus Patient?

Hi Red,

You have to weigh the benefits of the treatment versus the risks of triggering more severe SLE. The likelihood of Fraxel repair causing worsening of your symptoms is extremely low. On the other hand, both you and the treating physician would feel extremely bad if for some reason your symptoms worsened.

I certainly hope that your SLE remains very mild, and that you never have any increased symptoms, but that can occur without any treatments. I have spoken with world acclaimed dermatologists who are split on not taking the chance of stimulating your autoimmune disease with an elective cosmetic procedure, and on the other hand saying that it would likely be fine with extremely low chances of increasing your SLE.

Sorry that you have SLE, but good that it is very mild. Also sorry that there is no clear cut answer to your question.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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