Sitting Down After Brazilian Butt Lift?

How long before you can actually sit on your new Brazilian butt and not worry about pain or losing fat? What should I buy to sit on? And should I worry about losing fat? Thanks

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Can I Sit After my Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift utilizes your own natural fat for the augmentation. One of the keys of the fat transfer is that it is incorporated and becomes your fat just in a better place!

The key is how do we maximize the amount of fat that is going “take” or survive for the augmentation. One of the things that can help increase the amount of fat that stays after the transfer is preventing any trauma to the buttock area, that includes sitting. The pressure of sitting can be harmful to the fat for the first couple of weeks after the transfer.

I typically have patients avoid sitting for two weeks after the surgery. They can walk and sleep on their belly, just no sitting. After the first two weeks they can sit for an hour with a 10 minute break in between sitting sessions. After six weeks they can return to all of their normal routines.

There are special pillows that patients can purchase that avoids any pressure on the buttock in the post-operative period so that they can sit at work and still protect their fat transfer procedure. The key with these specialized pillows is that all of the weight is on the posterior thighs and not on the buttock. The buttock should be hanging off the end of the pillows.

I hope this helps, be sure to discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon.

Sitting after BBL

You should avoid sitting for at least two weeks after surgery, because you increase the risk of losing transferred fat. After the two weeks, keep sitting to a minimum. You can sit on a ring pillow or place a rolled up towel under your thighs to alleviate the pressure.

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Limit: 1 Hour Intervals, For 2 Weeks

It’s important to realize that fat cells are very fragile in the immediate post-operative period.This situation doesn’t improve until these fat cells have re-established blood supply with the surrounding tissue.In most cases, this takes about two weeks to occur.At this point, fat cells become less sensitive to the effects of pressure and are less likely to be damaged by sitting or lying on the buttocks.
For these reasons, we limit sitting or lying on the buttocks to one hour intervals for the first two weeks following surgery.We also recommend the use of an inflatable pillow.This routine places obvious limitations on physical activity for post-operative patients.Unfortunately failure to comply with these recommendations can result in fat cell death from pressure.This can result in flattening and contour irregularity of the buttocks.
If you’re concerned about how sitting effects the results of Brazilian butt lift surgery, consultation with your surgeon is appropriate.Your surgeon should be able to clarify this issue.

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How long before I can sit after Brazilian Butt lift?

Every surgeon has a different post-op regimen to protect the fat that has been transferred.  During my consultations, I show patients how they should sit after surgery (with a pillow).  I remove all restrictions at 6 weeks.

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Avoid sitting after a Brazilian Butt lift


The recovery process of a Brazilian Butt lift is very important to obtain atrophic and result. After the surgery, all of our patients are placed in a special compresses down which applies selective pressure to all areas of perceived lack of suction. This gown does not apply pressure to the areas that have received the new fat grafts. Patients are also encouraged not to sit for prolonged periods of time. Patients are also informed that when they do say they should use a round air cushion to minimize placing pressure or weight on the areas with the new fat graft. Patients typically avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time for 2 to 3 weeks after their surgery By following these recommendations patients can ensure to receive the optimal result.

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Don't sit directly on your buttocks after Brazilian Butt Lift!

Hello Michelle,

Not sitting directly on your buttocks after a brazilian butt lift is very important. I recommend that my patients do not sit directly on their buttocks for about 3-4 weeks after the procedure not only to reduce their discomfort but more importantly not to reduce the amount of fat loss. Direct pressure to the fat in the early healing period can be harmful to the survival of the transferred fat. I allow my patients to rest on their side and they may sit for very brief periods of time for bathroom use. When you consult with your surgeon make sure that you discuss his or her instructions for sitting after a brazilian butt lift and follow them carefully.

I hope this is helpful.

Sitting down after BBL

Typically patients should avoid sitting or direct pressure on the buttocks for a minimum of 2 weeks. The reason being that the pressure will cause the newly injected fat cells to die and be reabsorbed into the body. 
For optimal results avoid prolonged pressure or sitting for longer than 45 minutes at a time during this 2 week process.

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Sitting Down After Brazilian Butt Lift?

after 1-2 weeks. Seek a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

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