Silicone Mentor 175cc Vs 410 McGhan Breast Implants?

What is the difference between this implant and the 410 McGhan Breast implant that is currently used by a surgeon in Los Angeles?

Are the Mentors the same as the 410's? Are they safer? I am starting to get cold feet about this surgery because I fear risk of leaking implants. I am a very organic and natural woman who wants to regain the volume lost by breastfeeding 2 children to my once 34 B cup breasts. I want a natural, low hanging, soft look.

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Silicone Mentor vs McGhan Breast Implants

Dear Indigo,

The words "natural and organic" are greatly abused because we use them interchangeably when we SHOULD be saying healthy, attractive. While it is natural for all skin to age and for all breasts to deflate and sag, I seriously doubt that THAT is what you want when you go to a plastic surgeon.

Your comment "I fear risk of leaking implants." is extremely important. If you are unwilling to take the chances of a car accident or a plane crash, you have no business getting into either a car or a plane even tough the likelihood of this happening is VERY small. Similarly, you must accept the fact that EVERY BREAST IMPLANT WILL FAIL AND LEAK. This may happen the day after surgery or 25 years after the surgery but the implants will not last forever. if this fact bothers you - do not have the surgery.

The Allergan/Inamed/McGhan 410 is a stiff silicone gel implant which is not widely available for use in the US. Its Mentor analog is the CPG implant. These textured, tear drop implants are filled with a form stable SOLID silicone filler. All other silicone implants are filled with a "cohesive" very sticky silicone gel filler and usually come in either tear drop or round, smooth or textured implants with various degree of projection.

You are asking for a reasonable result. Australia has a LOT of good Plastic surgeons which could give you this result with just about ANY breast implant (BUT is cannot be "organic", "natural" etc)

Good Luck.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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I Can NOT Compare a Silicone Mentor 175 cc with a 410 McGhan

Dear IndigoRay,

I think that you are a bit confused:

  • Mentor is a breast implant manufacturer.
  • McGhan was the other major American breast implant company; however, it was purchased by Inamed, which itself was purchased by Allergan. So, there aren't really any "McGhan" implants anymore.
  • 175 cc refers to the implant's volume. That number does not tell me much about the shape or texture.
  • Allergan's (formerly McGhan's) 410 implant is a tear-drop-shaped silicone implant with a textured surface. Unfortunately, you have provided no volume information.
  • Mentor does make an implant similar to the Allergan 410. It is called the "CPG."
  • No one has any information that directly compares an Allergan 410 to a Mentor CPG.
  • Neither is even available in the USA, even though the companies are based here! I don't know whether these implants are approved for use in Australia and New Zealand.

I know that the above information didn't help much. You just haven't provided enough salient detail. Please expand!

Michael C. Pickart, MD
Ventura Plastic Surgeon
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Modest breast enlargement without implants

It is natural and organic to have lost breast volume after nursing.

It appears that what you desire is an unnatural fullness. However, that is a label.

That having been said, fat grafting is just gaining acknowledgement in the USA but has been performed in Europe for several years now. I am not certain about the status of this procedure in Australia but you may want to seek this as a "natural" alternative if all you seek is a 175cc augmentation.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Cohesive implants

Cohesive gel implants are the 410s. They are not yet available for general use in the US.   They tend to be a bit firmer than the standard gel implants.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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410 implants vs mentor

The 410 implants are highly cohesive(thicker gel) formed(anatomic) implants of various sizes and shapes. They are not yet FDA approved and Mentor has a similar product. Because they are not universally available only certain surgeons can put them in. you would need to contact those surgeons and ask their opinions regarding what they work well for and what the traditional implants work well for.

John P. Stratis, MD
Harrisburg Plastic Surgeon
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