Does Dermik Offer Sculptra Programs?

I had four Sculptra treatments and they worked very well. It has been a little over three years since my last treatment and my cheeks have sunk back to where they were.

Does Dermik offer any other program other than the initial one?

Lindsay in San Diego

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Dermix has had a special program for HIV patients

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Dermix in the past has allowed additional treatments at reduced cost of materials after HIV patients have submitted financial supporting information.

We have done many patients over a number of years.

The best routine is to maintain the result by touch-ups at yearly basis.

I do not know yet if the esthetic approval is going to effect this program, but I am attending their advanced trainers meeting this week. Hopefully they will update us there.

Dr. Mayl

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Maintain your Sculptra

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Sculptra works great to build up cheeks hollows and recently got its FDA approval for Aesthetic uses with a duration of 25 months. Sculptra works by building up your body's collagen. Over time you break it back down or you lose more volume in your face and you need to build up more. You can have another series of three or more injections and in the future do one or two sessions a year to keep it up rather than letting it all go back to baseline. As with anything there is maintenance, with Sculptra there is just less.

Victor Lacombe, MD
Santa Rosa Facial Plastic Surgeon
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