Is SCITON Profile Really the Best IPL Technology on the Market?

Although the Dermatology Centre at our local University claims to use "state of the art" IPL technology with SCITON Profile, the price (650 CAD = approx. US $605 for a full face treatment) seems quite expensive compared to the prices charged by different MedSpas around our City (Alberta, Canada). Is SCITON Profile really the best IPL technology on the market? Would you recommend to spend more than double the price (compared to other IPL technologies) to get the IPL treatment at the Dermatology Centre? I'm considering the IPL treatment in order to improve rosacea. Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

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There are differences in IPL companies

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The differences between IPLs are cooling, power, and wavelengths. Most importantly, the more cooling, the more comfortable you are. The Palomar Starlux 500, in my opinion, has the best integrated cooling of the IPLs. It also is very powerful. More power will give better results. Most companies offer a variety of wavelengths, but not all are purchased by the physician.

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IPL technology is pretty much the same among all brands of machines

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IPL technology has been around for many years and there are now many many different brands of machines out there. They all use the same basic technology and deliver the same treatment. One brand is not better than another. It is more important that you are treated by a Dermatologist who has experience with IPL. $600 seems very expensive for one treatment.

You mention that you are looking to improve your rosacea. I assume you mean that you want to treat redness and broken blood vessels. You may want to consider pulsed dye laser treatments, which can be a more effective method to treat redness.

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IPL for the most part is IPL!

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Most current and up to date IPL units are virtually identical. The key is current. I would want to have a treatment using technology that is no more than three to four years old. Also the fee that thety are charging does seem somewhat expensive. In our practice in Kentucky we charge around $400 per treatment or a little less in a package. In summary I do not believe that there is anything unique about Sciton's technology and certainly Lumenis, Palomar, and others offer very nice IPL units.

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