How to Fix Scarring After Blepharoplasty Stitches Split?

My stitches split after Blepharoplasty and left a scar, what should I do?

I had surgery about 3 months ago and the stitches have split leaving a scar. What are my best options? Should I have surgery again?

Is this easy to rectify and will it be able to be sown back up at the scar so it will be hardly noticeable. Or should I try a laser. If so how long should I wait ?

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Wait 6 Months

My general recommendation is to evaluate the incision at 6 months; scars remodel and continue to improve for a full year. If there aren't significant signs of improvement, the scar an be excised and re sutured. The procedure is generally fairly uncomplicated and depends on the amount of scar to be removed. Generally, most Blepharoplasty incisions heal very well an no intervention is necessary.

Good Luck!

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