How to Reduce Scar from Surgery Incision on Abdomen?

I had two surgery for stricture in the intestine which later turned out to be Crohn's disease and hence unnecessary. Now have one big horizonal surgery incision scar of abt 6 inches running just below the navel and one vertical scar about 3 inches extending from the navel.

The scar is too prominent and hinders me in doing a lot of things. I want to find out if there is a way to remove or at least reduce the appearance of the scar. What kind of treatment should I be looking for? I'm 29 years old.

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1540 laser treatments are a good option to treat surgery incision scars on abdomen

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Of course you need an exam to evaluate your scar.

If the scar is red raised and thick it may be a Hypertrophic scar.

The 1540 Non ablative Fractional Erbium Laser is, in my experience the best treatment for red raised scars on the abdomen or anywhere else.

If your scar is retracted and limiting your activities a surgical revision may be necessary.

Abdominal scar

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There are several options, but a physical exam is necessary. You may require scar revision (small surgical procedure under local anesthesia), steroid injections or both. Laser treatments is also an option. It is simply too difficult to tell what option is best for you without performing a physical exam.

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