Can the Same Surgeon Perform Hysterectomy and Abdominoplasty?

I have had 2 consults with a cosmetic surgeon, but recently found that I will need a hysterectomy.

Is there a simple way to find a doctor who will do both a hysterectomy on a healthy (fibroid only) woman with abdominoplasty?

Do the Drs have to work together? I am unclear which way to pursue or how to go about it.

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Combined Abdominoplasty Hysterectomy

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Absolutely NOT!...These are two different procedures, entirely. There are DOUBLE Board Certified Plastic Surgeons (like myself) who completed full General Surgery training and feel very comfortable inside a patient's abdomen, and who perform a significant number of abdominoplasties. Hysterectomies are NOT within the usual and customary scope of a plastic surgeon's practice (make sure you are speaking with a PLASTIC surgeon who has full general surgery training and not a cosmetic surgeon with less training/experience) and may not be within the scope of many general surgeons experience as well.

BTW - although many threads here relate that these procedures are performed "all the time together", there is documentation in the Plastic Surgery literature that combining the two has led to a higher complication rate. I personally do not recommend the two being performed together in a combined OPEN procedure for this reason. Now that said, there is also literature documenting that it does not lead to higher complication rates....Thus, both sides have there data to support. THEREFORE, I suggest you speak with a double board certified (general surgery and plastic surgery) surgeon and ask them what their thoughts are on the issue AND what is their usual and customary practice (if they perform an open combined procedure with a board certified Gynecological Surgeon and their outcomes are fantastic...there is your answer!)

Good luck and I hope this helps!

Dr. C

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Combined hysterectomy and tummy tuck

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It is possible to have these done together BUT you need 2 surgeons - one who is a board certified gynecologist and one who is a board certified plastic (not "cosmetic") surgeon. Only then will you be having the best surgery and get the safest and highest quality result.

Unfortunately, there are gynecologists who think they can do a tummy tuck, but fortunately no plastic surgeons I know would ever consider doing a hysterectomy on you.

Tummy tuck

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Unfortunately, there are many non-plastic surgeons performing cosmetic procedures today.  Be aware.  Board certification is there for a reason.  I would not have a member of my family go to an obstetrician to have a tummy tuck.

Hysterectomy and Abdominoplasty Together

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It's common to combine a hysterectomy and abdominoplasty. I doubt that you'll find a plastic surgeon who will do both. And frankly Gynecologists are not cosmetic/plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons spend years training to perform cosmetic surgery well. The Gynecologists that might perform a tummy tuck take a weekend course to learn the procedure-hardly adequate training.

So find a good Gynecologist and a good Plastic Surgeon and have each do their respective procedures well.

Two boarded surgeons for two surgeries

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As many before have replied, You need two different boarded surgeons to preform these 2 operations in one surgery event. But you must be sure of the realistic expectations of doing these combination cases. What are the reasons for doing these combination of 2 differing surgeries?

1. To get 2 issues solved at one operation. This seems reasonable, but there is a higher risk/complication rate when combining 2 operations. Higher incidence of pulmonary embolism, infection, necrosis of the skin and or fat, hematomae, blood transfusuion.

2. To try and save $ by the combination. Here in Miami, the hospital charges the patient as an insurance # (hysterectomy) + a 100% as a cosmetic #. So there is really no $ savings.

3. Longer recovery period of time when combining 2 operations.

4. The team approach of the Gyn + Plastic surgeons, who must work as a 'team', so there is no one captain of the ship. Many times there could be a conflict between the gyn, PS, & patient. So in other words both surgeons should be familiar with working together. I would NEVER team with a surgeon I did not feel comfortable with.

Hope this adds to your understanding.

Combing abdominoplasty with hysterectomy

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It is very common for these 2 procedures to be performed together. The hysterectomy will be performed by the gynecologist and the abdominoplasty by the plastic surgeon. The only stumbling block can be getting everyone's schedule in sync. Ask your gynecologist for names of plastic surgeons he/she has worked with. Alternatively, if you have a plastic in mind, you need to find out if both doctors work at the same hospital. Hope this helps.

Tracy M. Pfeifer, MD, MS

Cosmetic Surgery

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By saying you have seen a cosmetic surgeon I hope and assume you mean a board certified plastic surgeon. Make sure that is who you are seeing.

Secondly, a gynecologist will perform the hysterectomy and your plastic surgeon should perform the abdominoplasty. The two surgeons will arrange the timing for the surgery. You would have to find the surgeons in the same area so that they have operating priviledges at the same hospital. Having said that, some hospitals charge an enormous price for cosmetic cases. So it may be a lot more costly for you to have the surgeries done together rather than separately.

Good luck.

Tummy tucks and hysterectomies: 2 procedures, 2 surgeons

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It's important for a gynecologist to perform the hysterectomy and a plastic surgeon to perform the tummy tuck. While you may find a gyn that says he or she can do the tummy tuck at the same time, I would strongly advise against this-- both procedures require specific expertise, and unless the surgeon has had a full residency and board certification in both (which is extremely rare) they cannot be fully qualified to do both-- it's your body, so be careful with your choice.


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Both hysterectomy and abdominoplasty quite often are done the same time. However, I feel that both procedures should be done by different surgeons, and should be approached as a team effort. the objectives of each procedure are very different. The training and extensive experience of a board certified Plastic Surgeon that has an interest in aesthetic surgery would be the best person to discuss the options available for abdominal/ trunkal rejuvenation. Often abdominoplasty consists not only of excess skin removal, but also liposuction and muscle tightening procedures. These procedures are often very complex, and you should choose your surgeon very carefully.

Wilfred Brown, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Hysterectomy and abdominoplasty can be done at the same time but by two different specialists.

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You want a board certified gynecologist to do your hysterectomy, and a board certified plastic surgeon to do your tummy tuck.

This is pretty common, and in New York we are used to working together with gynecologists. Your plastic surgeon can refer you to a gynecologist that he is used to working with.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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