Saline Subcision Vs. Traditional Subcision?

What are the advantages of one over the other? Which one is more effective for depressed, rolling acne scars?

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Traditional Subcision With The Addition Of A Biostimulatory Filler Works Well For Atrophic Acne Scars

Saline subcision is basically little more than the injection of physiologic salt solution through a fine needle underneath a depressed acne scar, such as a rolling scar, in order to generate enough fluid pressure to stretch and hopefully break up the tethering fibrous scar tissue below the base of the scar and to subsequently tpromote new, native collagen synthesis in order to permanently raise up the scar..

While saline subcision performed in this manner may work for very shallow, depressed acne scars, in my experience of over twenty years performing subcisions, deeper acne scars generally require more intense subcision, which consists of the use of a larger bore cutting needle inserted under the entire length of the scar (following local anesthesia) to physically break up the tethering bands in order to generate vigorous new, healthy collagen formation. To further promote neocollagenesis, I routinely inject a biostimulatory filler, such as Radiesse, immediately following subcision. In short, saline subcision is best reserved for the most shallow of acne scars.  

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