What Are the Chances of Rippling with 213cc Breast Implants?

I am a 5'3" 110lbs woman considering silicone breast implants, under the muscle. My doctor told me that due to my extreme thinness and thin skin, rippling on the sides will definitely occur.

When I asked if there is any way to avoid it, he said "maybe" if we go with very modest implants. I am considering 213cc's. Any opinion on if there will definitely be rippling with this size? If so, how extensive will it be? Barely visible or extremely visible?

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Causes for breast implant rippling.

There are many factors that contribute to the exiistence or visibility of rippling:

Postion of implant (over or under the muscle)
Position of patient (prone or supine)
Type of implant (moderate or high profile)
Shape of implant (anatomic or round)
Implant material (silicone or saline)
Degree of implant fill (saline)
Soft tissue coverage (
Surface texture (Smooth or textured
Amount of breast ptosis (sag)
Degree of capsule formation or capsular contracture
Weight gain or loss
Depending on the complex interplay of these variables rippling may or may not occur.

To some degree, rippling occurs with all implants but may or may not be visible with changes in position, time, or even weight.

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Rippling incidence

Rippling is less likely with silicone and also when placed under the muscle. Smaller implants may be better than larger ones. But, you can not avoid it completely.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Chances of rippling with 213 cc Breast Implants

There is a 100% chance of rippling.

"My doctor told me that due to my extreme thinness and thin skin, rippling on the sides will definitely occur" - He is honest and truthful.

ALL breast implants produce ripples - but some produce less ripples than others AND in some people such ripples are less visible and palpable than others.

In general, saline filled implants ripple more than do silicone gel implants (Just fill a ziplock bag - hold it by the bottom and see for yourself). The more cohesive gel implants produce less implants BUT the more cohesive they are the differ they are as well and begin to fill very unnatural.

The question you should be asking is : "How much coverage can my current breast diameter provide to cover up an implant sitting underneath it to cover and soften such potential rippling?"

1. That is the MAJOR reason why implants are placed under the muscle

2, the wider / larger your breast tissue, the wider the implant that would look natural under such breast without the tell tale rippling of an implant that is too large especially when leaning forward without bra support.

So - I would recommend gel implant placed UNDER the muscle and sized by your current breast coverage. That is sure to minimize the extent of visible and palpable rippling.

It sounds like you are dealing with an honest Plastic surgeon who is not trying to "sell you". You may want to listen to him even if you do not like the answer. You will come out ahead in the long term

Good Luck.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Breast implants to avoid rippling.


1) Rippling can be avoided by picking the right shape implant. In Manhattan, we have not seen rippling with high profile silicone gel implants. It is also very, very rare with moderate PLUS profile silicone implants.

2) So these are the two shapes we use for breast augmentation. We don't use moderate profile, because these are underfilled, and will cause rippling.

3) We use smooth walled implants, because textured implants can cause more rippling.

4) 213 cc's may be too small for you. Size has nothing to do with rippling.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Avoiding rippling using Silicone Gel Implants

Placing Silicone gel implants submuscularly will definately lower the risks of rippling and palpation. Using a modest size implant in between 200-300cc's will also help lower the chances of rippling to occur. 

Rippling and breast implants

I think the advice of a modestly sized implant coupled with partially sub-muscular are your best options to minimize the reisks of rippling. I would tell you that the chance of rippling in the upper and inner breast in the properly placed implant with that size is quite low. The lower and later breasts is wher eyou may see rippling but chance are not high that it will be significant. As your plastic surgeon discussed with you, the larger the implant you go with the greater the chance of rippling. I hope this helps

Dr Edwards

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