Will Rhinoplasty After Ortho Treatment Affect Naso-labial Profile?

A friend has a class 2 div1 with a 5-7mm overjet on a "normal" skeletal base. She wants a normal naso-labial angle. After completing ortho treatment she wants a Rhinoplasty. Would this then further "hinder" or affect the naso-labial angle/profile of her face? Thanks.

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Rhinoplasty will not affect results of orthodontic treatment

The nasolabial profile can be altered by shaving down the nasal spine and if needed the columella and anterior caudal septum can be adjusted. This will not affect orthodontic treatment.

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Rhinoplasty After Orthognathic Surgical Correction

Hi At,

Once the orthonathic treatment is done, your friend's nasolabial angle can be evaluated and altered if necessary with rhinoplasty without causing untoward effects.

Good luck and be well.

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