Will a Revision Surgery Fix the Bottomed out Breast?

I had Breast Augmentation last August 5, 2009 with 575cc smooth round, moderate profile saline.

I know my body and you know when there is something not right 2 days after. I went to see the doctor after a week and he just said it seems like the right has dropped. One month post up, I came in and he was shocked. He said I have bottomed out and I need a revision done. He said wait for 3 months for my tissue to heal.

Next appt. is on nov 2 for another post up. Is it my fault? Once the revision is fix will it look right? Will it be normal? I really need some help to find answers. He is a board certified plastic surgeon

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Revision Surgery Necessary To Treat the Bottomed out Breast

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Implant malposition is a common complication with breast augmentation. It will need to be corrected surgically, but treating the malposition ("bottoming out") is fairly straightforward.

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Bottomed Out Breast Implant Repair?

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 Thank you for the question and picture.

Yes you will benefit from revisionary surgery to correct the implant malposition.

One of the most common complications after breast augmentation surgery is implant mal-position. This occurs when the implant is in an incorrect position on the chest wall. This may include incorrect position of the implant superiorly (“riding high”), inferiorly (“bottoming out”), medially (“symmastia or uni-boob”) or laterally (falling outward into the axilla).

Bottoming out involves inferior migration of the implants. This causes the nipple areola complex to appear too high on the breasts. Also, the distance from the areola to the inframammary fold is too great. This is corrected by “raising” the inframammary fold using internal sutures. This is done after careful measurements are made from the areola to the “new” inframammary fold.

I hope this helps. 

Bottomed out

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Yes, it looe like the implant in your photograph on the right side of your left breast is low. Treating bottoming out requires a surgical procedure and can be repaired in a fairly straight forward way. Good luck.

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