How to Restore Dull Skin from Sun Damage?

Hi, my name is Simar. My skin was very good once but now it's very dull because I'm very sporty and have to play under the sun. How can I get my shiny face back? Thanks!

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Restoring the skin with sun damage

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There are many ways to restore the skin after it is damaged by the sun. The first is to committ to sun avoidance because no skin care regimen is better than sun avoidance.

Secondly depending on your skin pigmentation and working with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, microdermabrasion, alpha hydroxy products, Retin A, and IPL lasers are very rejuvenating.

Reversing sun damage

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Retin-A products are an excellent way to combat the damage caused by the sun (actinic damage). However, this does cause the skin to be sensitive to sun and you must use moisturizers as well as sun block

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