Removing Fat from Double Chin

Was wondering *how* by looking or feeling, a Dr. knows if the fat is above or below the platysma muscle? Doctors here said it was dangerous to do liposuction on the fat "below" the platysma, can you clarify this?


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Fat above or below the platisma?

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Contracting the platisma reveals the position of the sub mental fat. Usually there is very little fat below the platisma and in otherwise good candidate for liposuction one can get a lot of improvement removing the fat above the platisma. In open cases the subplatismal fat can be removed and the muscle bands plicated. In general liposuction work in younger patients with good skin tone.

Fat above or below the platysma in the neck

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Often times by pinching the skin between your fingers with the platysma contracted or relaxed you can get a feeling for whether the fat is located above or below the muscle. There are more critical nerves and vessels located below the platysma and if you want to remove the fat, you should generally do this under direct vision with an open incision rather than with liposuction.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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