Options to Remove Redness and Bumps from Thigh Lift and Liposuction?

Here are the pics. Is there anything that can be done to help reduce redness in Thigh Lift scars? The skin seems to be stretched and pulled and it is still not faded to white after two years.

Also I had bad Liposuction on front of thighs that should never have been done at that area, probably. My thighs used to be well rounded but now are flattened in some areas and bumpy on other parts. It's very uneven. I am so sad.

I had had it redone, filled with filler but it's still under filled, uneven. I'll try anything. It was way better before I started. My doc says "work out" the muscles. Thank you!

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Medial thigh lifts are not forgiving

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Shy legs,

Your complaint regarding the scar from your thigh lift is one of the undesirable side effects of the procedure and the reason that not many are performed. However, sometimes it is the only option for the loose skin in this area. I would take a look at your pre operative photographs. Perhaps, there is a contour improvement that you are not appreciating. At any rate, the scar should continue to lighten over time. It may take several years in an area like the groin which is in a dependent position and under constant motion. A revision liposuction of the thighs might give some improvement in the irregularities there. Good luck!

Options to remove redness from Thigh Lift scars

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I cannot ad much to the comments by my colleagues except to say that the result you manifest and complain of is a common pitfall in how medial thigh lifts are done.

The incision is placed in or very close to the junction of the trunk and the inner thigh. With the leg raised (to eliminate gravity), the inner thigh skin is lifted and pushed up to see just how much is loose and can be removed. The excess skin/fat are removed and the wound is now closed in several layers. UNLESS the wound edge is stitched to the pubic bone (and the sutures remain in it and do not break), the thigh and gravity WILL pull the scar inferiorly making it visible. (In worse cases, if the closure is too tight and the scar is not anchored deeply to the pubic bone lining (periosteum) the vagina may be pulled open by the tension) - a decidedly undesired result).

Without an examination and review of your pre-op pictures it is quite impossible to advise you on what to do with a sense of accuracy. I SUSPECT that the coloration is due to inflammation after surgery and that , IF there is residual looseness there, the only way it may be fixed is with a re-do medial thigh lift.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Laser and Lipo to fis the thighs

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Redness of scars is normal as blood vessels come into the area for healing. After 3 weeks, they have done their job so we then use a vascular laser once per month for six times to improve this. Ask your physcian for the final opinion since they are most familiar with the situation

Thigh scars and lumpiness

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 The thigh scars may still need  some time to settle down. You may want to consider laser treatment of the scars to improve the color. A s for the lumpiness, you may need revision liposuction to improve the contour or even fat grafting if it was over-resected.

Medial thigh lift and inferior scar migration

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The correction you have received is probably reasonable given the condition of the skin and the overall dimensions of the thigh. IF you only had a medial thigh lift, you may benefit from a circumferential thigh lift to reduce the lax skin that resulted from your liposuction procedure. This would require re-suspension of the medial thigh skin and could elevate the position of the pigmented skin.

Thigh lift and lipo problems

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Without seeing your before pictures I would not comment on the degree of improvement you have had. I can tell you that if you had these procedures done to improve the droopy cellulite appearence you probably are as good as these procedures can make you. This is a very difficult challange for the plastic surgeon, and the patient.

In terms of what you can do-scar revision about one year afetr the original surgery and continue minor fat injections.

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