Redness and Laser Pattern Marks After Pearl Fractional Laser?

I had Pearl laser on my whole face and Pearl Fractional laser done on my eyelids, forehead, around my eyes and mouth. It has now been 30 days and I am still a deep red color and have a honey-comb texture to the areas where the Fractional laser was done.

Is this normal to be this red after 30 days and to have the laser pattern left on my face?

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Pearl Laser

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If you have a few marks at 30 days, they should be gone in 3-6 months.  The key is protection from the sun, and use a spf 30 or more.

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Redness and laser pattern after pearl fractional tx

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The changes you are describing are not unusual, depending on how aggressively the treatment was delivered.  These effects usually resolve nicely but additional treatment (medical or laser) may help move this process along more quickly.

Brian Biesman, MD
Nashville Oculoplastic Surgeon
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