Can Reconstructive Surgery Improve Scar Tissue on Lips?

Four months ago, I tore my upper lip. The emergency doc said, "Lips heal by themselves". My lip did "heal", but there's a thick scar, a ball of scar tissue like a jelly bean.

Also, a large crooked bulge at the bottom of the upper lip, and a noticeable horizontal scar that shows when I smile. It's very painful to the touch. The doctors's have been very discouraging, advising me to wait a year, then that surgery would make things WORSE.

How can lips "heal by themselves", yet be so sensitive that you can't do surgery because "all surgery will leave scars"? Cannot find a surgeon to help me.

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Lip scar revision to repair bad scars of the lips

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The corrective procedure for your lips will likely be scar revision.  If you need surgical scar revision because of the scar, there is no reason, practically speaking, to wait one year if you feel that you need the scar improved. 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Lip scar revision

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Lips do not heal by themselves usually as well as if sutures are placed to help control things a bit.  If you are unhappy with your scar, you probably need to wait a bout a year for the tissues to soft to revise the scar.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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