Will Next Radiesse Treatment for Non Surgical Nose Job Last Longer?

Why did my Radiesse treatment to build my nose bridge last only 5 1/2 months? I loved my results but by the 4th month. I noticed that it seemed to be slowly dissipating. By the 5th month it was almost all gone.

If I get another treatment, will it last longer? I had 2 treatments to get the desired height the first time.

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Will next radiesse treatment last longer?

The Radiesse filler should last up to one year or longer in an area such as the bridge of the nose, where there is no  muscle movement. (However, for some Senior Citizens it may dissipate sooner)

It is hard to understand why in your case it lasted only a little over 5 months. (Unless you are a Senior Citizen)

Do you have  preinjection photos? Ifd not, ask the Dr who injected the Radiesse to give you copies and to also take  post injection photos and compare them to your present appearance.

Why did the Radiesse dissipate so fast?

1-Did you massage it a lot?

2- Are you wearing very heavy eyeglasses or poorly fitting eyeglasses?

It is possible that your second injection may last longer, beacuse the first Radiesse implant must have caused some extra collagen production by stretching the collagen fibers.

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Consider options carefully for Radiesse non-surgical rhinoplasty

It is really impossible to answer why your injection lasted less than 6 months. It is also impossible to predict how long the second one will last. I would strongly encourage you to consider Restylane for this purpose. It is likely to last just as long, be cheaper, especially if you need a small amount, be reversible (you never know), and will not screw up your tissues in case you decide to have surgery in the future.

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Radiesse for non-surgical nose job

Radiesse is a very effective filler for nasal sculpting and correction of several different types of nasal deformities. However with all fillers, the results vary from patient to patient. Typically, you would expect Radiesse to last about 12 months but some individuals do metabolize it quicker. With Radiesse and some other fillers, you do get new collagen growth that over time may lead to a more permanent correction so subsequent treatments may last longer or require less of the filler.

Wish you the best!

Dr. Rasmussen

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Radiesse for non surgical rhinoplasty

Radiesse works very well for non-surgical rhinoplasty. The results typically last up to 1 year, but everyone is different. Just because you have had Radiesse before in the nose, does not mean that it will last longer the second time. Hyaluronic acid fillers have been studied in this manner( not in the nose), and do last longer for planned second injections. This is how they are able to state results of up to 18 months. More studies need to be done on Radiesse on planned second injections.

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Radiesse for non-surgical nose job

Dear Curiously Intrigued,

Radiesse is a nice way to rebuild the nasal bridge in a non-surgical manner. Radiesse is expected to last longer than the hyaluronic acid fillers (which are 3-5 months). However, there is no guarantee that successive treatments will last longer. Typically for the nose however, Radiesse should last 7-9 months.

Good luck,

Dr. Mariwalla

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Radiesse in the Nasal Bridge

Hi Curious,

Best to direct your question to your injecting physician.  Radiesse usually lasts longer in the nose.  Even Juvederm and Restylane usually last longer than 5 1/2 months.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Non-Surgical Nose Job


Non surgical nose jobs will always be temporary even with Radiesse. The radiesse is broken down by your immune system and reabsorbed by your body. The radiesse can also cause excessive scarring in your nose making a subsequent Rhinoplasty more difficult.

Best ,


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Non surgical nose job with Radiesse

There are many factors involved in determining the longevity of a filler's effectiveness. We are not aware of all the factors. Most experienced physicians have witnessed excellent results on a patient and then on a followup when the same treatment is done and same technique, the results have been disappointing.Please remember that you are undergoing an elective cosmetic procedure and there are always risks to any procedure. You could risk suffering a complication should too much product be injected at one time. If the product is forced into the surrounding area of the glabella, which is between the eyebrows and above the bridge of the nose, interference with the circulation can occur from the product compressing on the vessels and a lack of oxygen can cause the skin to die leaving an ulceration which can scar the forehead. So don't be tempted to have your doctor inject a large amount so that the effect's duration is longer the next treatment.

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