Does Radiesse Work to Remove Cleft Chin?

Can Radiesse be used to remove cleft chin, and how long do they last. If not, is there any other surgery to remove a cleft chin? Thank you.

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Cleft Chin and Radiesse

Radiesse can absolutely be used to soften the deep groove caused by a so-called "cleft" chin. While it may be difficult to completely erase the indent, it can absolutely be minimized with Radiesse. The filler can be used to "test out" what a chin surgery might be able to provide, or can be done on a regular basis. 

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Chin Clefts

The whole face forms from two separate halves. Chin clefts are a remnant of this process. Depending on at what stage the process stopped, the cleft could involve the superficial skin, muscles or even bone. If the cleft is superficial, a filler may help to soften it. Deeper clefts are probably more of a surgical procedure, releasing underlying structures to allow the skin to float upwards.

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Radiesse for removing cleft chin

If you are sure you want the cleft gone, the attachments between the skin and muscles would need to be divided so that the skin along the cleft would be lifted by the filler. This can be done by a variety of methods, the easiest of which may be the Surgi-Wire. After this had been done ANY filler could be placed deep under the dermis - Perlane, Restylane Voluma, Radiesse etc.

Good Luck.

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