Prohpylaxis for DVT Before Smart Lipo?

Is there a type of prohpylaxis for DVT that can be administered before Smart Lipo to reduce its effects?

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If you have to have DVT prophylaxis prior to SmartLipo you are probably getting it done wrong

The beauty of SmartLipo is that it is being done by a technique that lends itself to tumescent liposuction and therefore there is little, if any, risk of DVT. DVT comes from the anesthesia and the fact that folks are immobile for long periods of time.

In my office, when patients undergo SmartLipo they are awake, alert and SAFE from DVT. You probably want to go to someone who does the True Tumescent method and that typically means a dermatologist. That doesn't mean that there aren't some enlightened plastic surgeons, but in general they put folks under and that leads to a longer recovery time and more risk.

Good luck!

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DVT Prophylaxis

I routinely have patients wear compression devices on their legs during the procedure, and then have them ambulating as soon as possible after the procedure.

Steven Wallach, MD
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