ProFractional Laser or Sciton for Facial Skin Tightening?

I am only 30, but sun damage and genetics, coupled with fluctuating weight, have caused some laxity in my facial skin. I am trying to choose between ProFractional treatments, or Sciton Skin-Tyte treatments. Which would be more effective? Thanks.

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Sciton SkinTyte vs Sciton ProFractional for Skin Tightening

The choice of procedure would depend on
- your extent of sagging (you MAY be better served with a Facelift)
- the amount of down time you can afford (there is virtually none with SkinTyte but there is some with the ProFractional, but the ProFractional is more effective than SkinTyte)
- Cost - SkinTyte is cheaper but would need to 4-6 sessions as opposed to the ProFractional 's 1 to 3.

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