Best Orthodontic Option for Crowding and Overbite?

I'm interested in orthodontics for my teeth. Please see a model similar to my teeth in the picture below. I have the crowding problem and a bit of overbite.

Do you think Invisalign would work for me? How about Invisalign Express? Would metal braces (or other types of braces) be better for my case? Approximately how long does each option take? Thanks for letting me know.

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All methods would work

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Invisalign would work, as well has any other method. Express only works when 10 aligners or less are used, but your case does not appear to qualify. The average Invisalign case is 11 months, but every case varies.

There ARE advantages to brackets, and advantages to Invisalign. A consultation with a dentist or orthodontist would be the next step.

Invisalign works for crowding and overbite at your case

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To establish a treatment plan for every ortho patient , we need some xrays, Periapicals and Cephalometric, and the models as well. I do not have the whole information for your case, but it looks like the Invisalign works well at this case. Invisalign express is not an appropriate treatment for you. you need some expansion at the back and invisalign Express do not cover the treatment. You can ask your Doctor to order the clincheck so you can check the process till end.

Bruce Vafa, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

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