Options to Correct Breasts and Nipple Position?

I had a breast augmentation w/ breast lift a month ago. I had these procedures a month ago and I'm still very unhappy with my results and nipple position. My left breast is disfigured. It dips in on the side and is squared-looking compared to the right side. What are my options? Thanks.

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Options to correct breasts and nipple position?

I can see why you are disappointed in your result, if this is in fact your postoperative result. What procedure I would recommend would depend on what your goals were. It is possible to reposition nipples to a prettier position higher on the breast. It is also possible to fill in the upper portion of the breast above the nipple by using implants or your breast tissue itself. I would love to hear back from you and see your preoperative and postoperative photos together. If you also know what size implants you now have and could tell me where your incision is, I could perhaps give you more guidance. Rest assured, this does not have to be your final result.

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PHOTOS: One month after breast lift and implants: thinking about a revision for persistently low nipples

The dent you describe did exist prior to surgery and it is not clear that the surgeon intended to fix this. Furthermore it is very early ( one month) and your bruises have not even resolved. Give it time and don't consider a revision for at least 6-9 months.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Breast lift and augmentation

I can understand your dissatisfaction at this point.. First, it is very early. Your implants are still very high. When they do come down,  you will have to reassess whether or not the nipple areola complexes need more of a lift. 

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Breast Aug with Lift

Sorry to hear and see you results. What it appears is that the implants are still very high and the breast and nipple areola complex is still very low. It appears that you have a lollipop lift done and it will likely need to be converted to a full anchor to get the required lift and breast tightening.

You need to wait for about 4-6 months after your initial surgery to allow all the swelling resolve and allow the implants to settle.

Good luck.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
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There is certainly something that can be done.
The photos you posted show a persistence of the nipple and areola at a very low level. The breast implants are sitting high on the chest wall but they should descend somewhat over the next few weeks.
When the implants have assumed their final position the nipple areola complex position can be formally evaluated. I believe they will still be too low. A lifting procedure can be performed to elevate the nipple areola to the level of the most projecting point of the implant.
I would encourage you to wait 3-6 months before corrective surgery. It will be important to understand what initial procedure was done when planning your subsequent surgery.

I hope this was helpful.

Robert W. Kessler, MD, FACS
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Unhappy with breast surgery

I can certainly understand why you would not be happy. The breasts have not been lifted enough and need more elevation of the nipple and areola even if it means more scars such as the anchor scar. Right now your tissues are swollen so you should let them heal for 4 months and then have a revision done for sure.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Correcting breasts and nipple position after augmentation lift

Dear Jade,

Regarding "I had a breast augmentation w/ breast lift a month ago. I had these procedures a month ago and I'm still very unhappy with my results and nipple position" -
I can FULLY understand why you are disappointed with your result.

It appears your surgeon performed a periareolar lift / augmentation. Personally, I think some form of Lollipop vertical Breast lift OR Augmentation Mastopexy would have been preferable.

In going over your photos, the implants APPEAR too high (but this could well be due to postoperative swelling), the areolae are now smaller but still placed too low in relation to where they IDEALLY should be. In a youthful breast, they SHOULD be located on or close to a transverse line, parallel to the ground at the level of the under the breast (infra mammary) fold.

For a comprehensive discussion of Breast Lift and Augmentation lift, please, see http://www.cosmeticsurgeryspecialists.org/breastsurgery/breastliftandbreastreduction.html#

At this point, I would wait for the swelling to go down (4-6 months after surgery) (The shiny reflection of the flesh demonstrates just how tight your skin is)) and re-asses everything.

Good Luck.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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