Normal Differences Between Primary Breast Augmentation and Revision?

I had my 350 high profile under the muscle implants replaced with 585 high profile under the muscle implants after having a baby. My 350s lost volume and upper fullness.

My question is, it's been 36 hours since my redo surgery and I have no pain, no bruising, and my breasts are not high on my chest like the first time. The only discomfort is at the incision site under the crease.

I'm happy with the results so far; they look perfect. But is this normal? What happens to the settling process? I'm not even bandaged like the first time... why is this? Shouldn't I be?

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Recovery from revision breast surgery (with simple remove/replace) is usually easier than first time

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In many cases the recovery and pain and healing following breast implant revision is substatially less than the initial procedure.

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Recovery after a breast augmentation revision

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Recovery after revisionary surgery can be more tolerable and is usually less than the first breast augmentation. This is due to the fact that there is already an existing pocket made for the previous implant. So there is less pain and discomfort caused from pressure. This is very normal for you to feel this way.However, you still underwent surgery and should take it easy.

Primary Versus Revision Breast Augmentation

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It is very common for patients to have a much smoother recovery after a relatively simple revision breast augmentation. The majority of the pain associated with the primary augmentation is the stretching of the muscle, which in your case has already taken place. Although your muscle will undergo additional stretching due to the increased implant size, it is significantly less than with your primary augmentation. Additionally, with the muscle having stretched plus any additional stretching of your skin following pregnancy, the implants will 'settle' much more quickly as everything is relatively lax at this point compared to your primary augmentation.

It's wonderful to hear that you are delighted with your results and are experiencing a much smoother recovery.


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Second breast implant surgery usually more "low key"

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The first time cosmetic breast implant operation is typically much more of an ordeal than secondary surgery unless a lot of capsular contracture is in play. Your lack of pain is pretty typical. Surgeons differ on post-operative garments and wraps and such. Just make sure you follow your surgeon's instructions.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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