Non-ablative Lasers Increase Collagen Production?

Do non-ablative lasers actually do anything to increase collagen production and help fine lines, or is this a scam?

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Non-ablative lasers and collagen production

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I honestly think it is a scam but it is also the truth. Let me explain. I did a study about 8 years ago that won the prestigious John Orlando Roe Award for basic science research. In this study on a pig (closest model to human skin and also the pig was not hurt or killed), we found in a blinded, prospective controlled study that the collagen growth both measured quantitatively and qualitatively were significant and also proportionate to carbon dioxide (ablative) and to the fluence (strength). Despite this landmark study, the N-lite (pulsed dye laser) that went head to head with surprising results against co2 laser is off the market because it does nothing.

Despite excellent basic science, it might not translate into real results. My honest belief is that if you are talking about collagen growth that is real and discernible, Botox can stop movement around areas of the face long enough that the collagen that is typically fragmented heals beyond what any laser or skin care treatment can do. Besides, getting paid for my botox injections, i receive no money from any company including allergan or a laser company. Just FYI.

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