Possible Have Nipple Implants for More Realistic Appearance?

I had my nipples replaced with skin from my inner leg. They have very little fat and look like mounds. They are shaped like nipples but they don't look real. I think I found the answer in round, pearl-like beads that people put in the forehead or strange areas. I have breast implants under the muscle. I can’t find anyone who will do this. Tattoo parlors the only people who understand. Is this procedure even possible? I don’t want to die with mounds. Is there anyone who can help me?

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More realistic Breast Reconstruction

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The most difficult part of recreating a natural appearing breast after reconstruction for cancer is frequently the creation of a realistic nipple.There are devices that can be placed behind reconstructed nipples to help give them more structure. However, I have found that reconstruction with a patient's own tissue has less risk, lower incidence of incorrect positioning and a reduced incidence of infection.

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