Can I Get Uneveness and Waviness Fixed

I had Smart Lipo in 2008. The Dr Did took more fat from my right side of my belly button then left. It left me when I push my stomach outward, my Belly button points to the right because there is more fat on the left side. Is it possible to get this fixed. I went to a real plastic surgeon and they said yes. Let me know

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Abdominal unevenness after Smartlipo (liposuction) can be successfully improved

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Revisions of any type of liposuction, Smartlipo or otherwise, are done for high and low spots of a previously treated area. It is much easier to secondarily treat an area of excess fat as that can be approached by further efforts at fat aspiration. Low spots, or areas of over resection, are more difficult problems. Your area of fullness is just to the side of your bellybutton which provides a convenient point of access to remove the uneven area of fat excess.

Asymmetry of belly button after liposuction

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If there is a redundancy of fat in an asymmetric fashion around the umbilicus (belly button) then more can be removed by a small and focal liposuction procedure. A umbilical hernia needs to be ruled out first.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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