New Jersey Breast Augmentation Surgeon Recommendations

Wanted to know if anyone could recommend a great surgeon in NJ for a breast augmantation.

I have heard great things about one Dr. but he has a high consultation fee. I was trying to find out what he charges for a breast aug, before I go for the consult. I would hate to pay such a high fee and end up not being able to afford the surgery.

Also, am I crazy to think I can get saline breast implants for $7,000?

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Breast augmentation in NJ.

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Saline implants may be possible to get for $7000.00.  You can always check the doctors website and see if there is a possibility to send his office an email to ask for a price range on saline implants including OR fees and anesthesia.  Also you can ask them if the consultation fee will go towards the surgery if scheduled.  Hope this helps. 

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Don't chose a plastic surgeon on price alone

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Look at the website of the American Society of Plastic Surgery ( and go to the find a surgeon site. There you can find BC plastic surgeons in your area. Many plastic surgeons will apply your consultation fee to the cost of surgery but this depends on them. I also can't speak about prices in differennt geographic area but in my practice breast augmentation with aline implants is approximately $5400. Best of luck.

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Go to the website of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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Membership in this society is by invitation only and the members of this society devote their practices to cosmetic surgical procedures. Most are also members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and are board certified in Plastic Surgery.

Then, you should think about calling around to doctors that have worked on your friends and family. See who comes recommended, and then go in for a consultation. At that point you can consider the costs. There is usually a big variation in fees, so expect a wide range.

Another good rule of thumb is to understand that these procedures cost more in certain parts of the country than in others. For instance, in areas like California and New York, you might pay anywhere from $7000 to $12000 for breast implants, but in somewhat less populated areas where the cost of living is lower, you would normally see fees for a saline breast augmentation around $4000 to $5000.

Good luck. There are a ton of great plastic surgeons in your area!

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