Treatment for Nerve Neuropraxia Caused by Breast Surgery?

I developed nerve neuropraxia after a breast surgery and a port placement. I would like to know how do you treat this condition.

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Breast Neuropraxia (nerve pain and injury) after Breast surgery

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To some degree, nerve injury is inevitable after breast surgery.

There are some nerves, however, that we attempt to spare as they may cause pain or discomfort.

For example the intercostal brachial cutaneous nerves on the outside of the breast travel to the inner aspects of the arm. Injury can cause pain or discomfort along the upper and inside surfaces of the arm.

Physical therapy, topical massage, pain distraction modalities are of some benefit.

However, you must distinguish between neuropraxia and neurotmesis. These are two different entities with two different prognoses. It would be best to discuss this with your breast surgeon.

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