Mole Removal Options for Patient Prone to Keloids?

I'm 19 years old and I want to get this raised mole on my nose removed. I've had it since I was around 7 rears old and I think it's gotten bigger. I'd like to know, what procedure would be best for me.

Since it's on my face I am very concerned about scarring and I think I am prone to keloids. Thank you.

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Keloids Don't Occur on the Nose

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The good news is that keloids form in specific anatomic locations and not in others, even in patients with a predilection for keloid formation. Keloids form on the sternum, deltoid, and earlobe regions and rarely form elsewhere.

I would recommend surgical removal followed by a small local skin flap for reconstruction. Reconstruction on or close to the nose often requires more complicated techniques, because nasal skin is thick, sebaceous, and doesn't stretch as well as other areas on the face.

A combination of good technique, proper wound care, sun and nicotine avoidance should lead to a very nice result.

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Removal of Mole on Nose?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

What you must consider is how much the mole concerns/bothers him and weigh this concern against the potential for hypertrophic scar formation. Although it is difficult to give you precise advice without a full history and physical it is likely that a well performed excision and closure will be less visible than the current mole.

I would suggest consultation in-person with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

Keloidal scarring

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I would first want to know the basis for your belief that you are prone to keloidal scarring. Many patients refer to keloids when, in fact, their concern is hypertrophic scarring, which can be controlled. In your case, the lesion itself is unsightly and a plastic surgical closure, while generating a scar, would be more aesthetically acceptable.

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