Mixto Laser for Safe Very Oily Skin?

I have a lot of hypertrophic acne scarring (my skin resembles an orange peel and I do not have keloids. My skin is extremely oily and congested and I do suffer with 3-5 pimples a week. Would Mixto laser treatment be safe, or will it worsen my acne due to oiliness or cause abnormal scarring since I am prone to hypertrophic scarring?

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Mixto is safe for oily skin

Mixto laser resurfacing is safe on all skin types from very dry skin to very oily skin. We like to clear up acne before we consider performing this procedure.

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Mixto is safe for oily skin

Hi there-

Generally speaking, the Mixto laser is safe to use on oily skin types, and in fact, patients with oily skin often heal a bit more quickly...

The skin needs to be prepped and cleaned before a Mixto procedure and this includes removing oils in the pores. Upon arrival for a procedure, we have our patients clean their skin with a deep cleansing product and with the use of the Clarisonic Pro brush just prior to application of a topical anesthetic. Once topical anesthesia has been achieved, we then re-wash and dry the face thoroughly before treating...

It is also very important to get your acne under optimal control before treating you with the laser...

Once you have found a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon of Dermatologist you like, plan on a month or two spent maximizing your skin health before the treatment, and also be prepared to be placed on a maintenance regimen of skin care in order to maintain your outcome and prevent further acne from marring the results.

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Mixto for oily skin

Mixto is a very safe treatment when done correctly for your condition. It can improve acne scarring and improve the "pebbly" texture of your skin. However, I would make sure that your acne is under good control before doing the treatment. You don't want to spend time and money improving your skin only to have new acne lesions cause scarring again. During the healing phase, many doctors will have you use a thick ointment or cream to the face, and these occlusive products can cause new acne breakouts.

Tomi L. Wall, MD
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