Will the Mesh from Hernia Repair Hinder Tummy Tuck?

I look pregnant ALL the time. I had an umbilical hernia repaired with mesh. I went for a Tummy Tuck consultation. The doctor said that he would have no problem. I have paid in full for my procedure.

At my pre-op appointment, he is saying that he may find that the mesh is grown into my belly button and then he will not be able to do the procedure. He also warned me that if my abdominal muscles are not in good shape and he pulls them together it will leave me with a big belly still. Is this common?

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Mesh should not make a difference in Tummy Tuck

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The presence of mesh should not make any difference in terms of the result you can expect from the tummy tuck itself. The only issue is the belly button. If the blood supply to the belly button was compromised during the repair of the hernia, incising around the belly button during the tummy tuck could cause the umbilcus to die. The area will heal, but there may not be much of a depression in that area to resemble a belly button. This can be reconstructed later, but you need to be prepared for this possibility. Otherwise, I see no other reason why the procedure could not be performed safely.

Good Luck!

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Hernia repair mesh will not hinder Tummy Tuck

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Trying to do a tummy tuck on a patient with mesh in place is not common. The results will vary. You might want to think about this before you proceed.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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