Melange Peel or Triluma for Melasma?

I've been battling melasma for about 3 years. I did the old Cosmelan last year and got great results. I want to try Triluma but I heard both positive and negative comments. The melasma is coming back slightly darker and I want to do the Melange Peel but I don't know that many doctors that do it. 

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Be very careful with chemical peels with a fancy name attached

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Be very careful with chemical peels with a fancy name attached. Some doctors come up with exotic names for existing chemical peels to lure you into thinking they are something unique or special. The ideal peel for melasma is a TCA peel, but it must be done carefully or it can make things worse. As the author of numerous scientific articles and a frequently invited guest professor on chemical peeling, I strongly urge you to seek out a dermatologist who is a REAL expert on chemical peels, and stay away from the cute names.

Metairie Dermatologic Surgeon

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