Max FX Ideal for Asian Skin?

The doctor is recommending me Max FX and I would like to know if it works perfectly on Asian skin. Will it be safe? Thanks!

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CO2 laser for Asian skin

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MaxFX is a CO2 laser produced by Lumenis which is an excellent resurfacing laser.  Treating Asian and ethnic skin with any CO2 laser is very challenging.  Many doctors are not adequately trained or experienced in using CO2 laser and even fewer doctors have necessary experience to treat Asian skin which is why most doctors would refrain from recommending this laser for their ethnic patients.  I have treated thousands of ethnic patients with this laser without any complications.  It is true that Asians have hyperpigmentation after resurfacing but that is temporary and can be resolved if treated properly and given proper post-laser care and instructions.  Permanent side-effects such as hypopigmentation and scarring are rare if performed by an experienced physician.  But please be forewarned:  the CO2 laser is a very dangerous laser with high rate of complications if not performed by an experienced physician.  And just because a physician has performed a lot of CO2 in the Caucasian population does not mean that doctor has the requisite knowledge and experience to treat Asians with that same laser.  Complications may occur with any laser but the more important question to ask your physician is whether they have had experience with complications and do they know how to deal with them adequately.  Make sure to ask the physician not only how many years and patients have they treated with CO2 but how many Asian patients and ask to see before and after photos of patients with that skin type.  When done properly, the results in Asian skin is phenomenal.

Walnut Creek Dermatologic Surgeon

MaxFX is a CO2 laser and CO2 lasers are not the best for Asian skin

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CO2 lasers can cause hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation in Asian skin if treatments are done too aggressively. The CO2 laser prodiuces more heat than Erbium laser. Although fractional CO2--like the MaxFX-are safer than older CO2 lasers I still would not use any CO2 laser on Asian skin.

Most experts agree that the fractional Erbium laser is safer for Asian skin because the Erbium generates less heat and less risk of hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation.

The Starlux 2940 made by Palomar and the Profractional made by Sciton are two well known fractional Erbium lasers.

On Asian skin these lasers should be used only in the PURE ABLATIVE mode.

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