Can Low Dose Accutane Help with Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

What about low dose Accutane? Can it help? I will soon begin taking 10 mg every other day to treat hyperplasia sebaceous glands. In only 3 months, they have taken over my face. I'm desperate but am in the middle of a hair removal contract.

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Avoiud hair removal contracts

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Accutane will indeed help sebaceous hyperplasia, but only as long as you are on it. Within a few weeks from discontinuing, the sebaceous hyperplasia will return. I usually opt for selective ablation combined with Tazorac.

I would not use Accutane while using lasers because of the known risk of delayed healing if you get some crusting or a blister. I'd also be very sceptical of any facility that makes you sign a contract. Reputable physicians do not force you to get treatments, and don't ask you to pay for years of treatments in advance. Several such laser centers in my area took people's money then went out of business and customers (they were not patients since there was never a physician seeing them) lost all there money. Buyer beware!

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