Liposuction for Front and Back Stomach Rolls?

I am 6 ft tall, I weigh about 280 lbs, and I'm 26 years old, female. All my weight goes directly to my stomach. I am getting married so I wanted to have Liposuction to remove the extra rolls in the front and back. Is that possible? I've tried to lose weight before. I'm at my wits end and I just want the surgery at this point. Please help!

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Liposuction is NOT a Quick Fix; Consider Bariatric Surgery

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Find a bariatric surgeon, not a plastic surgeon.

6-feet-tall women should weigh no more than 184 lbs. At 280 lbs., you are 96 lbs. over weight. This excess weight not only causes unsightly "rolls," but also puts you at risk for high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis, and other medical diseases.

The most effective method for helping patients lose weight is bariatric surgery. These types of procedures are sometimes thought of as "stomach stapling." They work!

I partner with a local bariatric surgeon, and we "share" patients all the time. He helps them lose excess weight, while I help them to optimize their new contours so that they can fit into the latest fashions, look best in bathing suits, etc.

Frequently, I employ liposuction to optimize the necks, backs, flanks, tummies, hips, thighs, and arms of patients who are suddenly slender. However, with liposuction, I only remove a few pounds. The patient and the bariatric surgeon have done the bulk of the weight removal ahead of time.

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IT is important and critical for you to lose weight not liposuction

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Technically at 6 feet your ideal weight is should be around 165 lbs. At your weight, you are over 100lbs above your ideal weight and risk heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc.  You may want to consider options for minimally invasive bariatric surgery.

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