Would Liposuction Alone Improve the Neck and Chin Area?

I really was not considering a Face Lift or Neck Lift if possible, as I am going to be going through a Tummy Tuck. Quite honestly, I am 40 years old and would hope to wait a few more years before considering a Face lift.

My skin has fairly good tone, however, I don't want excess neck skin hanging. Its not real apparent if I look up, but if I look down at all my second "chin" appears making me very self conscious.

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Liposuction alone can improve the neck and chin area

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Your point is well-taken regarding your age, and I'm glad you mentioned it because it is the first thing I look at on the chart when going in to see a patient. I know that a 70 year old with a chart that says, "Interested in neck lipo" or "interested in Botox" is going to need much more than either or both of those to get any type of significant result. Specifically relating to the area under the chin, or the Submental region, there are really only a few key things for a consumer to understand.

1. Liposuction removes fat and reduces the weight pulling on skin. Removing fat from under the chin reduces the pull of neck skin toward the floor.

2. There is fat under your skin and under your muscle (the platysma muscle). Some people have more fat under the skin, some have more "deep" to the muscle, and some have both. Liposuction alone works best for abundant fat under the skin. In order to remove the submuscular fat, I typically will "open" the neck and dissect through or remove the platysma muscle to obtain acess to the submuscular fat.

3. You have to know what is causing the part that you do not like. Some people simply have abundant fat under the skin. This would be ideal for lipo alone. Others have a true laxity of the muscle, which if not addressed, will only become more apparent in the form of banding once the covering layer of fat is removed and the muscle anatomy is more apparent.

4. Lipo can tighten tissues by mechanical stimulation, even if not "Slim Lipo". Just regular old lipo will have a tightening effect.

5. An inexperienced, overly-aggressive surgeon risks removing too much fat and causing the skin and underlying muscle to adhere together and can lead to an ugly cobra neck where every time the muscle moves, the skin ripples, and moves and tightens with it.. very unnatural. So, I typically will purposely leave a cushion of fat under the skin so that the muscle and skin will not stick together.

6. We can (and you probably can too) tell how much fat is subcutaneous (under the skin) as opposed to submuscular by pinching the skin. The skin is generally of average thickness, so if it's really thick to pinch, it's due to variations in fat thickness, not skin thickness.

So, yes, for the right person (good skin tone, about your age, with heavy fat under the skin, good muscle tone, and minimal submuscular fat, etc.) Lipo alone can help. Give it time afterwards for the tightening effects to kick in.

Hope this helps...Good luck.

Pensacola Oculoplastic Surgeon

See a plastic or facial plastic surgeon who is a facelift specialist.

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 It depends on how much of the excess is fat vs. skin. If you don't have a double chin looking straight ahead it is probably excess skin only and you would need a neck/facelift.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lipo likely to be effective

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At your age and with good skin tone, you should have a nice result with lipo alone.  Neck skin typically shrinks back very well so the risk of creating hanging loose skin after the procedure would be low.

Good Luck!

Liposuction alone can improve neck and chin

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Yes, it can.

If the only reason for some neck obliquity is a minimal to moderate fat excess under the skin and the skin is of good quality, I would strongly suggest liposuction and nothing else.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction probably would be worth doing to get some improvement.

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Liposuction of the neck and jawline is so easy to undergo under local anesthesia and you are back to work in 1 day that you should definitely consider doing it. Getting rid of that double chin makes you feel so much better and costs roughly only $2500 now. 

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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