Is It Safe to Have Liposuction After Taking Accutane?

I'm a model and need to have liposuction as soon as possible. How long after taking accutane can I safely have liposuction done? I only need a small area done on my tummy.

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Should be fine

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Let your doctor know about all of your medications.  You should be fine for lipo with Acutane. You should also inform your doctor of any other health issues.


Liposuction after taking Accutane

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After taking Accutane, the time until your tissues recover from it can become important. Healing after surgery can be questionable in less than 6-12 months after Accutane treatment. As you are a model, taking a chance with your appearance is something you probably will not want to try.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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