Lipoma Removal Options to Avoid Scar?

I have a lipoma right around my cheekbone area. It is fairly small but I have noticed it getting larger. I really want to remove it because I am afraid it will get larger. I don't want to have a scar either. What is my best option?

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Plastic Surgery

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Your best option would be to find a good plastic surgeon to remove the lipoma. Small lipomas, which are not bound down to muscle, are relatively easy to remove and should leave you with a small scar.

I would not delay the sugery, since it is much easier to remove a small lipoma than a large one. Also, as I implied, they can invade into muscle and make their removal more difficult.

Last, a tissue diagnosis is important as Dr. Rand mentions. While liposarcomas are rare, they happen. The lesion could also be an epidermal inclusion cyst ( sebaceous cyst, wen), which would leave you with an even smaller scar.

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Lipomas and small scar removal: Is it worth it?

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Lipomas can be removed through a relatively small scar. Unfortunately due to it's location and the presence of nerves, it cannot be removed from inside the mouth. As Dr. Rand suggested a small incision is preferable. Although some advocate liposuction for removal, this rarely completely removes it and makes it more likely to recur.

Lipoma vs. Cyst Removal on the Face

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A subcutaneous mass on the face can be one of several things including a lipoma, a cyst, or a tumor. Surgical biopsy and excision will result a small scar that can be minimized by an experienced plastic surgeon.

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Lipoma removal

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In order to look at the tissue under the microscope, it needs to be taken out with a small scar.  Liposuction of the lipoma destroys the ability to be sure it isn't a rare cancer called a liposarcoma.  Done by a plastic surgeon, the scar should be small and acceptable. 

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