How to Confirm if Lipoma is Not Cancerous?

I have lipoma at the upper side of my right hand and back. I want to know, how can I confirm if it's cancerous or not? What is the best treatment for this, surgery or using herbal products? 

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How to Confirm if Lipoma is Not Cancerous?

A biopsy is if their is concern that a lipoma is cancerous. The incidence of liposarcoma is very low and is more likely if the lipomas is a giant one, 10 cm or larger, rapidly growing and symptomatic. Lipomas that arise beneath the muscle fascia are more likely to be liposarcomas.

There is a good review article on this subject.

In clincal practice, benign lipomas are very common, have benign characteristics like being soft to moderately firm, movable, stable or very slow growing. These are treated without biopsy.

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Lipoma or cancer?

  The truth is that the only way to be sure is to have the growth removed and submitted for pathology. In the vast majority of cases, the pathologist will confirm the clinical suspicion of lipoma.

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Lipoma diagnosis and management Lipomas on the back and arms, legs, and chest

I have vast experience with lipomas and have found that true clinical experience confirmed by a pathologic examination alone can diagnose lipomas.  Surgery works well to remove lipomas. Surgery90210

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Lipoma or Liposarcoma?

Lipomas are the most common benign tumor;  they are composed of adipose tissue. Sometimes these soft,  usually mobile  masses can grow in size and become an aesthetic or functional concern.

Malignant transformation of lipomas into liposarcomas  it's extremely rare ( and controversial).

Generally, I  recommend excision to allow for pathologic evaluation (which is the only  way to make a definitive diagnosis) and to  alleviate compressive symptoms it may be causing (as well as for cosmetic purposes).

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