Financial Assistance on Lipodissolve for HIV Positive Patients?

I am wondering if there is any financial assistance for HIV+ patients who are suffering from lipodystrophy secondary to their medications. I have found assistance with other "products" i.e. Radiesse,  Sculptra, but nothing on Lipodissolve. Please help!

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Lipodissolve and HIV

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Are you sure you are talking about Lipodissolve which is allegedly to remove fat from different areas of the body? Also, I would worry about the indications and the use of Lipodissolve as it is neither FDA approved nor proven clinically safe! You have enough of a problem with your HIV. Don't add to it. Go to a board certified plastic surgeon who will be honest with you about the various techniques that are proven effective. As far as financial support, the answer is probably not.

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