Lip Lift on Someone with Upper Dental Prosthesis?

I have an upper dental prosthesis and I'm considering having an upper lip lift cosmetic surgery. Is the surgery performed without removing the prothesis? Is there any risk that after the surgery the prothesis could not be well fitted as it was before the operation? Does the surgery achieve the same esthetical good results as a surgery done on someone with their real teeth? Does it look natural even with the prothesis?

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Lip Lift with dental prosthesis

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There is no reason why you could not get a lip lift with a dental prosthesis, unless your dentist thinks it is contraindicated.

The more important questions are, would you benefit from it and what are you trying to accomplish?   I have a short video comparing lip lifts and fillers and what to look for. You will get more upper teeth showing after lip lift, and this is something to consider. On the other hand, it does give you a nice reshaping of Cupid's bow.

Lip lift and dental prosthesis

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Generally the presence of the prosthetic should have little effect on the outcome as long as the prosthesis does not change. The prosthesis should remain in place unless the procedure is done under general anesthesia in which case it is removed.

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