Can Lip Lift Correct Crooked Philtrum and Asymmetrical Lips?

Can a corner lip lift or just a general lip lift correct a crooked philtrum, and horizontally and vertically asymmetrical lips?

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Lipl lift for asymmetry

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Certainly a lip lift can correct certain asymmetries, but yo need an examination to determine what the asymmetries are and whether there are other alternatives. If the asymmetry is due to a nerve palsy or old injury or scarring, then another method or combined method may be better. See a board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon.

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Lip lift

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A lip lift may be capable of correcting a crooked lip but there may be other factors that contribute to the asymmetry that make it more difficult to correct.

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Lip lifts and asymmetry

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Some degree of correction is possible with a lip lift.  Fortunately, your lips are usually moving so asymmetries aren't as noticed by others.  It sounds like you are going to be too critical of your lips not to find further problems with them even after a lip lift. 

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