Lip Asymmetry After Chin Implant Removal

Is asymmetry in the corner of the upper lip normal after chin implant removal? It's been almost a year since a silicone chin implant was removed via the mouth under local anesthetic. It had been in place for 5 months. There is still some asymmetry with the mouth, especially the corner of the upper lip.

Is there anything she can do to help the asymmetry? Thanks so much for your reply. Terry

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Lip asymmetry after removal of chin implant

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There is not much that can be done with regards to asymmetry of the upper lip after a chin implant is removed. This is more of an issue with muscle asymmetry and has nothing to do with the implant placement and removal.

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Lip asymmetry

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Check pre-op and post-op pictures, to see if the problem existed prior to either surgery.

Injury to or non-attachment of the depressor anguli oris may be atfault.

See your BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON for a proper analysis and may be an electromyogram may give the diagnosis of which muscle is affected and a plan of treatment is given

Samir Shureih, MD
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Uneven Lip after chin implant removal

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Asymmetry in the LOWER lip may occur for several reasons. But asymmetry in the UPPER lip is unusual. To some degree if the DAO of the lower lip is effected in can casue elevation of the corner of the mouth. Better symmetry can be achieved by use of Botox in the normal DAO.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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